Other Services


Do you have a space in your home, office, or a public place that you want filled with beautiful art? We can help you to choose original art or prints to suit your budget and style, then recommend a hanging service….after we have framed them, of course!


Do you want to add some artwork around the house to fill in any empty spaces? With our fantastic hanging systems, you can hang artwork in your home or workplace without putting holes all over the walls. All you have to do is attach the hanging rail (available in silver or white) and slide in the hanging strips and you can change your artwork configuration as often as you change your mind.


For works requiring unusual construction we have a whole range of specialists, who do more than framing, at our disposal. We’ve got the contacts for those weird and wonderful, uniquely complicated ideas that you’ve come up with. Bring it in, let’s talk.

Looking for a unique present? We offer gift vouchers in your chosen amount. Contact us to find out more.