Quality Memorabilia Framing

If you have collected some great memorabilia over the years – of your favourite sports team, band or singer for example, or you have some medals that deserve recognition, you should be able to show them off with pride in your home.

Offering custom framing solutions that will protect and display your special items to look their very best, The Framers Gallery can find a way to frame all types of memorabilia. We can help you to choose an appropriate frame and mount that will complement both the frame’s contents and the décor of your home or office.

All work is done onsite in our Seaford workshop, our experienced framers handling everything with great care.

We can also provide an informational plaque to let people know more about your special item.

We understand what it is like to be passionate about something, and with a custom frame designed to complement and display your collectables, you can showcase your item in the best way possible while protecting it.

What Memorabilia Framing can do for your Home

It is common for homeowners to want to fill their empty walls with décor like a mirror, a painting, photo or framed poster, but why keep collectibles that you adore stored away in a cupboard when they can be out in the open for everyone to see?

Our excellent team at The Framers Gallery have framed a wide variety of memorabilia over the years, including signed guitars, footballs, AFL Guernseys, cricket bats, sports medals, trophies, military collectables, boxing gloves, ornaments, certificates, signed sports balls, and much more. If you love it, it is worth preserving, enjoying and showing your guests. Framed memorabilia make great conversation pieces that allow you to talk about topics that you are truly passionate about.

Are you looking for a picture framing workshop that can create an unique frame for your memorabilia?