Other Services


Photographs are among the most treasured possessions anyone can own. They are one of the few tangible ways a person can literally look back on their past and revisit their old memories. However, photographs that haven’t been protected by being framed or kept in an album may have deteriorated over time due to scratches, dust, or accidental damage… allowing the memory to fade with them.

Our first-rate photo editing service can bring your memories back to life by scanning and retouching, enhancing colour and contrast, then reprinting your old photos using modern, more durable materials. The reprint can then be safely displayed in a frame designed to suit its vintage, while the original old photo should be stored away for safekeeping.

We are also able to edit unfavourable photos that were ruined when a child pulled a silly face or someone was not prepared for the photo. We can both edit and reprint these photos so they appear exactly how you want them to be. Pricing is on a case-by-case basis based on difficulty, size, and time taken for the job. Please bring in your photos and we will see what we can do.


Do you own a photo frame store and think you might like to offer custom framing to your clients? The Framers Gallery have a wholesale pricing structure and samples for both ready-made picture frames and custom picture framing available for wholesale and commercial clients.


Do you know someone who recently got married or engaged? Had a baby? Did a family photoshoot? These are wonderful occasions, but they can be very expensive! If they have no money left to frame their memories, a custom framing gift voucher could be the best present they get!

Rather than a boring old paper voucher that can be easily lost or forgotten, we personalise and present ours in photo frames with a mat! The recipient can either replace the voucher with their own standard size photo at home, or bring it in when they come to pick out their framing and we will put their photo in it for them!


Do you have a space in your home, office, or a public place that you want filled with beautiful art? We can help you to choose original art or prints to suit your budget and style, then recommend a hanging service….after we have framed them, of course!


Do you want to add some artwork around the house to fill in any empty spaces? With our fantastic hanging systems, you can hang artwork in your home or workplace without putting holes all over the walls. All you have to do is attach the hanging rail (available in silver or white) and slide in the hanging strips and you can change your artwork configuration as often as you change your mind.